Own Your Meeting

News breaks and it impacts your products. Your customers are looking to engage your product leaders and the senior thought leaders within your organization. Since you are in B2B sales, the customers of you customers are also looking for guidance. Your team of experts have prepared their initial guidance, now to distribute their message. Do you choose broadcast or communication? Broadcasting via email can be quick but since it is one-way traffic, is a poor technique for feedback and conversion. Communication via sales calls or webinars take time but yield better feedback and a higher probability of conversion. But they no longer have to take time thanks to Forum 360’s distribution platform.

Forum 360 empowers your inside sales teams with your branded all in one event management, virtual meeting, distribution and fulfillment solution. It takes less than 3 minutes to setup a scalable yet intimate experience for your customers with your thought leaders. Customer experience stays with your brand throughout with the ability to invest or purchase products while at the meeting. To replicate what Forum 360 offers, you need event management software, a communication tool, analysts and you likely have a marketing team helping your sales team construct what are essentially sales meetings.

Since you are in B2B sales, here is the evolution in the B2B sales process. Rather than ask your intermediary customers to relay your value proposition, work in collaboration to get your message through to the decision maker. Why would an intermediary put the ownership of their customer at risk? With Forum 360, they do not put that relationship at risk. Their customers come to your meeting under the intermediaries brand and their identity stays with the intermediary. Further, your intermediary now has sales tools to convert their customers to buying your product. Finally, it is at no cost to your intermediaries and no IT impact for them. Oh, and did we mention that we counted the links for your intermediary partners in the 3 minutes it takes to set up your event. The intermediated sales process is changing from relay to collaboration thanks to Forum 360.