“Trust is earned over time and lost in a moment.”

Over 88% of business buyers ultimately transact with someone they regard as a trusted advisor.

Are you a trusted advisor? How do you know?

Relate is an AI driven data science platform that makes it easy to understand if you are failing to build trust with your customers and provides the pathway to becoming a trusted advisor.

Relate can be used across all meeting formats, in-person and virtual:

1×1 meetings

Roundtable / Small group meetings

Few to many meetings

Collaborative selling


data points per attendee per meeting.


research thematics that enhance your sales effectiveness.


traits that Sandi analyzes for the factors from which we measure trust.


percent group efficiency gains on average per meeting without loss of human connection.


hours of productivity gains from an intimate group meeting on average.


pounds of carbon not emitted from an intimate group virtual meeting on average.


countries that we operate from.


in our growing team.

Integrate with your CRM and video communication platform.