Investor Meetings Typically Generate Poor Data. Group Virtual Meetings (GVMs) Generate Rich Data

It is a common occurrence. When investors have left the room, the CEO (analyst) turns to their IRO (sales rep) and asks “I thought that went well, how do you think that went?”

There is no data so the fact behind the answer is “Based off my gut, I think…..”. No data as the question was not asked of investors in-meeting. Often, there is very little asked of an investor(s). Personally, I blame confusion between presentation and meeting but I digress.

The fact is that most investor meetings produce poor data. A sales rep or IR will take notes. Typically, notes of the questions the investor asked rather than feedback. That data is added into a CRM and often rehashed as ‘feedback’. For the sales rep, it is entered as “great meeting…” followed by their opinion of the investors intent. Even if you disagree with me, note how the data is third party handled making it subjective and open to bias. Again, a poor outcome.

Now that investors have shifted to virtual meetings, can poor data quality be addressed. Absolutely, but only if meeting hosts prioritise their control of the data over everything else. Data quality does not improve with video conferencing but it does with Forum 360’s group virtual meetings.