Forum 360 Releases the First Network Test so that Host and Attendees Know about Firewall Constraints Well Ahead of Time.

Last week we released the most advanced solution to overcome the constraints of whitelisted web sites, so prevalent across financial services. If you have stakeholders working behind a firewall, by now you would have had the inconvenient experience of them being blocked by their organisation from attending a meet of yours. Usually you find out about it a minute beforehand or after the meeting. It is frustrating for you and frustrating for your stakeholder making it difficult for you to invite stakeholders from a range of organisations to meet.

Forum 360’s inclusive Meet the Manager events are own-branded (co-branded with distribution partners) with no downloads required. Further, we use a widely accepted website for your stakeholders to use. Most importantly, we have introduced a network test, taken at the point of registration. Now, your stakeholders know whether there are any constraints at the point of registration, days or weeks out from the meet. So do you ensuring your IR, sales and distribution teams can discuss with restricted stakeholders well in advance.
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