Building Relationships in the New World

What is the new way to build and maintain relationships with your stakeholders? Those ‘early days’ visits in person will come back but (in the old world) in person meetings would then become infrequent and supplemented by email campaigns, digital marketing and an occasional phone call. In the new world, using predominantly broadcast techniques to engage your stakeholders will lose you relationships. This is the structural change: the regular access opportunities we now need to provide to our stakeholders to deliver on expectations for a relationship. Communication techniques usurp broadcast and relay-sales in the new world. Upgrading is as simple as adding an offer of a group virtual meeting to your broadcast. Forum 360 helps your team do this in minutes and host a stakeholder experience that is inclusive, own branded, data rich and with pathways to investment or advice. Isn’t this why we have stakeholder meetings in the first place? To build relationships that lead to increased investment in your company, product or service.
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